Bright Colours and Balancing in P2A

We have been busy learning in P2A this week.

Look below at what we have been doing in our play based learning…

In Literacy we have all been learning new sounds: ‘st’, ‘sw’, ‘sk’ and ‘sm’ this week. We have enjoyed using the magnetic boards to spell our words. Some of us have even thought of our own words with our sound and written these down on whiteboards and our jotters. We were able to create our own sentences using these words as well. Some of us enjoyed completing the ‘st’ word hunt in the classroom.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been subtracting within 20 and 100 this week. Some of us were subtracting a single digit from 20. We went over the different strategies we could use to help us with this from using number lines to counting with cubes. We also were subtracting a teens number from a teens number. Some of us found this challenging to start with but we were resilient and were able to complete our work. As a class we learned that ‘find the difference’ is another way of saying subtract so we wrote this on our subtraction class mind map. It is getting very full now!

In P.E we were exploring different movements, how we control these in a safe way and how you can balance. As a class we were able to state and demonstrate lots of different moves we can make. We had lots of fun playing an activity called ‘Visit to the Zoo’. In partners we moved like different zoo animals from crocodiles to penguins. We realised how these animals move in different ways. We even had an ‘Animal Quiz’ where we had to guess the animals people were by looking at how they moved. It was really fun.

In Art we have been creating pictures using different materials and bright colours. We looked at the artist Steven Brown and his pictures. Some of us knew who he was and had noticed some of his pictures before in shops we had visited and hairdresser’s. We discussed the colours and lines/shapes he used in his work. We then created our own highland coos and giraffes in the style of Steven Brown.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂