Subtraction, ‘sh’ and 3 Craws in P1B

What a lovely week in P1B, full of lots of learning and playing.

In Numeracy we began learning about subtraction. We ‘subtracted’ marshmellows to help us to understand the concept – this was a highlight of the week for lots of us! We will forever understand subtraction as the act of eating marshmellows and there getting ‘less’. We also explored subtraction using cubes, played subtraction games and had a go at solving some written sums.

In Maths we learned how to tell the time o’clock on an analogue clock. We were amazing at this! We know that the big hand is called the minute hand and the small hand is called the hour hand. If you have an old watch we can wear this will help us to engage with telling the time. A digital one is fine too as we will be learning how to read the time on a digital clock next week.

In Literacy we learned the digraph ‘sh’. A digraph is 2 letters combined together to make a sound. We will be learning lots of these this term. We highlighted ‘sh’ words in a story, wrote ‘sh’ words and we even made a ship!

Our IDL focus this week and next is Scots. We learned the song ‘3 Craws’, ask us to sing it to you, we’re very good. Maili and Olga helped us to make our own craws, we’re really proud of them:

If any of you are able to speak in Scots, we’d love you to come in and read us a story or poem…. Mrs Bell tries but it really is not her area of expertise!

Have a fab weekend 🙂

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x