Happy New Year from P2B

Happy New Year! We have had a busy first week back at school!

This week we have been exploring winter as a season. On Tuesday afternoon, we read a story called ‘Home in the Snow’ and we looked for clues about cold weather in the pictures. Afterwards we discussed different words to describe ‘snow’ and then using these interesting words, we worked with a partner to create a snow acrostic poem. Our poems are going to be displayed in our infant area.

On Wednesday and Thursday we created our own winter landscapes. We looked at some famous paintings of winter landscapes and  discussed how they made us feel. Miss Harrison showed us how to mix paint to create light and dark shades and then we created our own winter backgrounds. On Thursday (once our backgrounds were dry) we explored how to create lines of varying thickness and length and added detail to our paintings. We were very proud of our winter art work!

This week our new sound was ‘tw’. We made ‘tw’ words on our magnetic boards and used our knowledge of our letter blends to solve jumbled ‘tw’ words. Some of us also learned the sounds ‘pl’ and ‘sl’. Our common words this week were ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’. We were able to create questions using these common words.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have started to look at subtraction. At the beginning of the week, we revised our subtraction facts to 10. We also looked at how to solve missing number sums such as ?-2=6 and 9-?=5. To revise our subtraction facts, we played ‘Sten’s Party’ on Education City and discussed subtraction strategies during Number Talks. On Thursday we learned to subtract a single digit from a teens number. We used subtraction facts that we already knew to help us. For example, when calculating 17-4 we used the subtraction fact 7-4. Some of us used cubes and number lines to help us to solve our subtraction sums.

In PE this week we developed our movement and balance skills. We played a game called ‘Zoo Animals’ where we had to move around the hall as different animals! Afterwards we played ‘Frozen’ to develop our balance skills and then we moved around an obstacle course exploring different ways of balancing whilst moving.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx