Happy New Year from P1B!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Thank you for all of the well wishes following the babybell news. The children have all been very sweet and have given me lots of baby advice.

In Literacy we have been practising sounding out words and writing a sentence. We listened to the story ‘Snow Bear’ and shared all the facts we know about polar bears. Then we used the internet to find out more. We each picked one fact to write as a sentence. We are working hard to remember finger spaces, capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. Here is our super work:

In Numeracy we did some revision of addition to 10. We are very good at finding out the answer by counting how many altogether and using cubes. We need more practise at counting on in our heads. For example, 5+2, some of us are counting 1 2 3 4 5. We know that we can solve the sum quicker if we keep 5 in our head and count on. This is something we could work on verbally at home.

Here’s a video we sing along to that helps us to remember our number bonds to 10:

In Health and well-being we looked at what it means to be resilient. We talked about the things we can do (because we’ve practised them lots) and the things we can’t do…YET. We discussed that everyone has things that they can’t do…yet. Even grown-ups!

New homework and reading books will go home on Monday. As we have learned all our initial sounds, we are getting more confident at sounding out words when we read. Don’t forget to say the word after sounding it out to ensure understanding. Eg, I saw a b-i-g big c-a-t cat. We know that we don’t need to sound out tricky words because we just know them (I, saw, the, to, etc). Any questions about how best to support your child with reading please just ask 🙂

Some photos of our free play fun this week:

Admin/reminders for this term:

  • PE is on Tuesday and Wednesdays – please make sure long hair is tied back
  • Music with Ms Bain on Thursdays
  • Show and Tell (optional) on Thursdays
  • Special toy (optional) on Fridays

Date for the diary:

Friday 6th March at 10am – our class assembly

Have a lovely weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x