P4A Blog Week Ending 13.12.19



P4A Blog Week Ending 13.12.19


Literacy and English

In literacy this week, we have been focusing on replying to a complaint letter addressing the issues in the letter in a formal style. In grammar we were learning adverbs of time e.g. often. For spelling this week, we were learning to spell words with ‘ly’ and the rule that words that are changed to ‘ing’ at the end, drop the ‘e’ on the root word first, e.g. dance to dancing. In our short read we were learning to evaluate descriptive writing

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been learning to subtract with bridging over 10 and 100. We also had lots of active learning.

Learning across the Curriculum

We have been busy this week sorting and delivering the Christmas post to all the classes. We also had great choir singers at the Linlithgow Day Care Centre. We have been practising Christmas carols and learning our song for singing around the Christmas tree next week, “All I want for Christmas is you!” Well done to CC and RS for receiving an achievement certificate for school values.

Have a good weekend!

P4A and Ms McAlpine