Christmas has arrived in P1B!

Wow, what a fun-filled Christmasy time we are having in P1b! Christmas fayre, Nativity, parties…
We’ve even found time to finish learning all our initial sounds a-z. No new sounds next week, use homework time to revise all of the initial sounds and common words learned, focusing on the ones children are less confident with. It’s important we know all our initial sounds so we can move on to new sounds in January.
In Numeracy we have been working on addition facts to 10 (number bonds). We are getting good at recognising switchers, eg, 8+2 and 2+8. It’s OK not to know number bonds off by heart by now, it’s more important to learn strategies to solve addition sums, such as counting on fingers, counting out loud or using concrete materials. We all learn differently, we will find strategies that work for us.
We were all stars in our Nativity and should be very proud of ourselves for performing on the stage in the church 🌟🐪
We had great fun at our Nativity party this afternoon, we played party games with P1a, had juice and treats and watched Nativity 3.
We’ve been so busy Mrs Bell has forgotten to take photos… so here are some festive photos from our Nativity party to make up for it!

Christmas party on Monday afternoon, remember to bring your party clothes!

 Have a lovely weekend… 13 sleeps… 

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x