Sensational Stick Man Stories (P2B)

This week we have been creating our own imaginative stories involving Stick Man. We watched a video of Stick Man and we discussed what he was used for in the story. Afterwards we used a mind map to record ideas for a new part of the story. We thought about how an animal or a person could use Stick Man for something else. Some of our ideas included using Stick Man in ballet lessons, for a dinosaur’s nest, as an angel on top of the Christmas tree and to help with cooking! We drew pictures of our own ideas and used these as a plan for our writing. On Wednesday we created our own imaginative stories. We made sure that we included the main character, used interesting vocabulary in our sentences and we ended our stories in a similar way to the author of Stick Man. Our stories were excellent and Mrs Hocknull is going to display some of our stories in our Stick Man themed play area.

This week we have also been revising the blends ‘bl’, ‘cl’, ‘fl’, ‘gl’, ‘pl’ and ‘sl’. We listened to a song about blends, made words on our magnetic boards and wrote words and sentences containing our blends and our common words. Some of us were also learning the blends ‘gr’ and ‘pr’. We wrote ‘gr’ words to match ‘gr’ pictures and made ‘pr’ words on our magnetic boards.

In Numeracy we have been continuing to look at addition. We have been learning to add 10 to a single digit number (10 + 9, 7 + 10) and we have been recalling doubles and near doubles. We also learned to add a teens number and a single digit. We have been using different strategies to solve our addition tasks and we know that it is easier to start with the bigger number and add on the smaller number. Some of us have also been adding a single digit to a two-digit number.

On Friday we had our second BEAR event. We brought in books and a torch from home and we closed the blinds, turned off the lights and read our books by torch and fire light. During our BEAR event, we completed a Short Read activity. We looked at a non-fiction text about the Stegosaurus and we used information from the text to make a diagram. Afterwards we went to our school library and then we were given Read, Write, Count book bags to take home. We very much enjoyed our second BEAR event.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx