Stick Man Mad in P3A

We began the week with a Remembrance Day assembly, we took some time to learn about why we have Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.  In class there was some paint and red paper, card and other art materials for us to make our own poppies at Learning Through Play time.  At 11am the whole school had 2 minutes silence and we were all very sensible and respectful.

In numeracy, we are still adding 2 digit and 3 digit numbers.  On Wednesday, we worked on quick recall of doubles to help us with our mental addition.  We warmed up by rolling a die with a partner and quickly doubling the number shown.  We then used these skills to double larger numbers, e.g. 42+42.  Some children had a very competitive game of ‘Mathopoly’, each space has an addition sum on it and points are given for working out the answer mentally, there were also chance and challenge cards too so sometimes we lost points!

In science we started making our ‘forces’ models.  Each model had to be something in a playground that involves a force.  There are some very good ideas – rope slides using gravity, climbing frames that you need to pull yourself up, swings that you need to use your body to push.  Although these were started on Tuesday with Mrs Begarnie, we have worked on them every day, to finish them so we can present our model to the class next Tuesday.  Lots of great teamwork, discussion, problem solving, negotiation and decision making going on.  Every child can explain their model well and the forces used either by the play equipment and/or the person using it.

For Reflective Reading this week we read a comic strip and answered some comprehension questions with a partner, we had to read carefully to find all the information.  We also had to answer a couple of inference questions where we had to think about how the characters were feeling.

We are changing our infant play area next week and have chosen the Stick Man  by Julia Donaldson as our theme.  Mrs Hocknull read it to all P1 to P3 children and then in our classes we decided what play areas we would like based on the story.  There are some great ideas and teachers will be working with the children next week to get this set up.

Our writing this week was also based on the Stick Man story.  We had to summarise the main points, in the correct order and then create a comic strip.  These are absolutely fantastic, I’m looking forward to putting them on display so everyone can see our hard work.  Everyone was so quiet when were writing and some were asking for quiet music, so we put on the music from Blue Planet.  It was a lovely relaxing afternoon.  Some of us have began to write Further Adventures of Stick Man, creating our own comic strips.

We finished off the week with a lovely assembly all about Kindness.  Have a good weekend, P3A and Mrs Kennedy 🙂