Dinosaurs Delight (P2B)

This week we have been learning all about dinosaurs as part of our IDL Book Study. We have been listening to different fiction texts about dinosaurs and using non-fiction texts to find information. During play this week we have been digging for fossils in our tuff tray, creating our own dinosaur pictures and writing facts about dinosaurs. On Wednesday we watched a video about dinosaurs and discussed the word ‘extinct’. We also looked at different carnivores and herbivores. At the end of the lesson, we told Miss Harrison which dinosaurs we would like to learn about in more detail. On Thursday, we listened to a dinosaur song, explored each dinosaur closely and then Miss Harrison gave us dinosaur fact cards about the dinosaurs we had selected. We went around our classroom and chose which dinosaurs we would like to learn about and used the fact cards to find information. Our chosen dinosaurs were the Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Diplodocus, Pterodactyl, Velociraptor and the Triceratops.

In Literacy we were learning the sounds ‘pl’ and ‘sl’. We made ‘pl’ words, drew ‘pl’ pictures and we wrote ‘pl’ and ‘sl’ sentences in our jotters.  Some of us were also learning the sounds ‘dr’ and ‘fr’. To help us to learn our common words, this week we looked at the shape of the words. We also looked for our common words in our reading books.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we concluded our work on 2D shapes and 3D objects. We explored the properties of 3D shapes. We played a game on Education City and we counted how many faces and edges were on each 3D object. This week we also began our work on addition. We have spent a couple of days revising our number bonds to 10. We have played ‘Hit the Button’ and we have looked at how to solve missing number sums. Next week we will look at addition to 20.

This week we went to a Remembrance Assembly on Monday morning. We watched a video from Poppy Scotland about the journey of the poppy and what it means. On Friday our assembly was about one of our school values, ‘kind’. On Wednesday it was World Kindness Day and we listened to a story called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’. We learned that everyone walks around with an invisible bucket and when we smile, give a compliment, treat others with respect or do something kind then you fill a bucket. Miss Harrison set us a challenge to carry out random acts of kindness and we did a great job!

This week we have been continuing to practise our songs for our nativity ‘Lights, Camel, Action’. Some of the songs are pretty catchy! On Thursday and Friday we also started to run through the script and practise our speaking parts. It’ll be here before we know it!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx