Photographs, fireworks and hoglets in P1B!

Lots of smart children and beautiful hairstyles in P1B this week, we can’t wait to see our school photos! On Thursday we had some visitors from Norway who came to see what we get up to at Springfield Primary – they loved seeing how kind and respectful we are  towards each other and we enjoyed showing them how we learn. 

In Phonics we have been learning the sounds u and b:

u – down and under the umbrella, up to the top then draw the puddle

b – down the laces to the heel, around the toes

Some of us are forgetting to go back up and around the toes when we make b, this is important or else it looks like the number 6.

We also learned some more common words – the, to. Common words are words that we can’t sound out, we just need to learn them by sight (sometimes they are called sight words for this reason).

In Numeracy we learned about addition using the add sign and the equals sign. We also learned how to add 1 more. We loved sharing our learning with you at our Number Talks open morning!

On Wednesday we did some fantastic writing about what fireworks look and sound like. We are getting very good at having a go at writing words by sounding them out. MS wrote the words red, blue and peach all by herself, well done!

In Art we used clay and sticks to make our own hoglets (baby hedgehogs), we’re all desperate to bring these home to show you, we just need to glue on the  eyes and they will be ready!

During Free play (and at home it seems!) we are enjoying writing our own books and reading them to the class. BP wrote a super book about a hedgehog!

Next week we are focusing on vowels as we have learned them all now, so there won’t be new sounds in the homework bags, just a couple of new common words.

Have a great weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x