P4A Blog Week Ending 1.11.19

P4A Blog Week Ending 1.11.19

Literacy and English

In literacy we have been learning how to use the ‘discussion’ writing genre. We used a story about a lion and a snail from our book study, Aesop’s Fables to discuss arguments for and against the lion winning the race. We also had morning starter discussions on whether we should wear school uniform, if it was better to be an adult or a child, should we be allowed to bring mobile phones to school and should sweets be allowed in school.

In handwriting we were practising forming the letter ‘s’ correctly. We learned to use a different ‘s’ so that we could use it in joined up writing. We also learned how to make words plural using ‘s’, ‘es’ or changing the’ y’ to an ‘I’ and adding ‘es’.

For spelling this week, we were learning to spell words that have a double letter in the middle and words that start with ‘al’. We learned that the ‘al’ can sound different depending on whether there is a vowel or a consonant after it.

We had some ERIC time (Everyone Reading in Class) to enjoy reading of our choice.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been focusing on addition and subtraction, using number talks and addition games including snakes and ladders, bingo, and addition dice. We have also been practising mental maths. This week we learned that the Commutative Law means we can add in any order. In subtraction the first number stays same order but we can add the others in any order. We learned that there are lots of words that mean add e.g. sum, altogether, total and plus.

Learning across the Curriculum

In P.E. we continued to develop our skills in Short Tennis. We had an assembly on Monday about our new behaviour policy. We now have no traffic lights showing in the class but Ms McAlpine will still record. Instead of golden time we will be having play learning. Our focus this term is construction and we used our construction activities in class to create models and drawings together. In health and wellbeing we talked about friendships and shared our experiences and lots of strategies to help each other. We continued our focus on healthy eating. Zara made her own powerpoint at home about healthy eating and presented it to the class! Well done Zara!

P4A and Ms McAlpine