Halloween in P1B!

What a fun week we’ve had in P1b!

In Phonics we learned the sounds f and g.

f – down the stem of the flower and draw the leaves

g – around the girl’s face, down her hair and give her a curl

These are both quite tricky to form – we need to remember to give the f a straight line for the stem or else it looks like a ‘s’ with leaves! For g we need to remember to sit the girl’s face on the line and draw her hair going down below the line.

We also had a go at building CVC words with the sounds we have learned so far. We were super confident with this!

In Numeracy we began learning about addition – adding together two groups to find out how many altogether. We can do this by counting all of the objects. Another strategy we can use is to keep the first number in our head and count on, eg 5 + 3  Keep 5 in your head and count on 3 more, 6 7

In Maths we have been learning more about time – Months of the Year. We enjoyed singing the Months of the year song and jumping up on our birthday month. You could try this at home!


We really impressed Mrs Bell with our work on ordering the months of the year:

On Thursday afternoon we had a spooktastic time at the Halloween Party. We enjoyed listening to Mr Wells read a spooky story, dancing and playing the toilet roll mummy game!

Take a look at FD’s fantastic writing that she did at home and brought in to show me:

Thank you to Maili for helping us to build our Fairyland Castle:

And well done to AK who is teaching us Polish, this week we learned how to say hello:

Next week we will be reading more hedgehog stories and having a go at making our own hedgehogs out of clay. Any parent helpers available to help with this please let me know 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x