Lighthouses, STEM Challenge and Posters in P2A

We have went Lighthouse mad this week in P2A! Miss Muir set us a STEM challenge: build the tallest lighthouse. In teams we had 10 minutes to construct a lighthouse which could stand on its own using wooden blocks. We all had the same amount and size of blocks so that it was fair. We then measured our lighthouses to see which one was the tallest. All of them were higher than 55 cm! After we built our lighthouses we reflected on the challenge. We discussed if the blocks were a good material, how we worked as a team, what we used the blocks for and what we could do next time. It was lots of fun.

In Expressive Arts we created our own lighthouse pictures. As a class we looked at and discussed what a lighthouse looks like: shape, colour and lines it has. Some of us were even able to describe a time when we had seen a lighthouse. We then looked at the landscape of where lighthouses are set. To create our picture we painted the background first. This was our sky and sea. We were able to explore the mixing of colours to create our backgrounds. On a separate piece of paper we drew an outline of a lighthouse then used either pen, crayon or pencil to add colour. We then cut them out. We are very pleased with our work so far and can’t wait to finish them.

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been comparing and ordering numbers within 100. We were able to put a range of numbers in order from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. During Number Talks we have been taking part in ‘Esti Mysteries’. This is where we look at different objects in jars and estimate how many objects there are. We are then given clues as to what the number will be. We then change our answer depending on the clues until the answer is revealed. During free play we have enjoyed estimating how many fuzzy balls there are in the jar and are excited to find out the answer. Miss Muir doesn’t even know how many there are!

Last week we went out litter picking with some P7’s and read a story called the ‘Messy Magpie’. We thought of what we could do to stop people littering. We came up with the idea to create posters. We thought this would be a good way of spreading the message. We looked at what would make a good poster. We had to make sure it had a title, some sentences of what litter can do to the environment and be eye catching. Miss Muir was impressed at how hard we worked to make sure the posters looked their best. We really enjoyed making these. Some of us during break and lunch have even been litter picking.

In P.E we were improving our balance and control on Tuesday with Miss Muir. There were different activities such as hopping, passing/catching a ball to a partner, bean bag throw and pass the hoop. We worked well together in our pairs and teams, helping each other develop our skills.

We hope you have a lovely October break! P2A and Miss Muir 🙂