P5 Weekly Blog

Literacy and English

War Horse is our latest class novel and we have been doing some shared reading around the text. The story tells of Joey, a brave hearted farm horse, who is exposed to the horrors of war. Our initial focus was identifying themes from the text and making predictions about the outcome. We have also been analysing and annotating the text to identify key features of writing. We were able to identify and use examples of parenthesis (dashes, commas or brackets) used to provide additional information. Finally, we looked at sequential openers and connectives – firstly, secondly, then, afterwards, meanwhile, etc – before using these to make a piece of writing ‘flow’.

Question – Can you identify where I’ve used 3 examples of parenthesis in the previous paragraph?

In writing we have been note taking during our research on volcanoes, using subheadings and bullet points in doing so. We then used this information to write an informative essay on volcanoes. We described what volcanoes are, explained how they erupt, provided definitions of the terms active, dormant, extinct, gave examples of types of volcanoes and even gave key facts and information about an active volcano of our choice. Please take some time to have a read of these, they really are excellent examples of our work. Well done P5!

Numeracy and Mathematics

We are still enjoying being posed with some pictorial Number Talks that involve making estimations and reasoned guesses. These types of problem require us to show resilience through ‘trial and error’ and ‘process of elimination’ approaches. As time progresses, we are given additional clues that allow us to narrow our scope, e.g. the number is one less than a multiple of 11, the number is odd, the number does not have a 7 in the tens place.

We have finished our block of work on subtraction having developed both written and mental strategies within the operation. Mr Logan has been encouraging us to always evidence our working and strategies used in order to gain full credit for our work. We are looking forward to moving on to multiplication next week when we will be recapping on our tables knowledge, multiplying by a single-digit, multiplying by two-digits and widening our range of mental strategies.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Science and Social Studies – In Japan, we were keen to learn more about volcanoes as there are 110 active ones located there. We have been learning what a volcano is, how they erupt, what stages of volcano there are and about the main types. Following this we created annotated diagrams in our jotters. Next week we will be creating  and decorating papier mache volcanoes and making them erupt in a science investigation. Please send in newspaper, cardboard sheets or boxes, plastic bottles and milk cartons if you have them!

Spanish – Mr. Vilanova has been working on numbers and colours with us as we begin developing our ability to read, speak, write and listen in Spanish.

P.E – In basketball we have been developing our passing and movement skills within game situations. We have been attempting to move the ball quickly between all players and get ourselves high up the court to put pressure on the opposition when defending.


Please take a look on our Twitter feed @SpringfieldP5 for this week’s achievements! There have been plenty of them!

Coming Up

  • 7.10.19 – Social Enterprise Academy visiting P5
  • 8.10.19 – West Lothian Ranger Service orienteering session
  • 9.10.19 – Harvest Assembly – remember to bring in non-perishable items to donate to the West Lothian Foodbank
  • 12.10.19 to 21.10.19 – October holidays
  • 22.10.19 – All return to school
  • 28.10.19 – Rugby session for P5 at Linlithgow Rugby Club (1)
  • 4.11.19 – Rugby session for P5 at Linlithgow Rugby Club (2)
  • 6.11.19 – Number Talks Open Morning from 9.30 – 10.30
  • 8.11.19 – Remembrance Day Assembly
  • 11.11.19 – Rugby session for P5 at Linlithgow Rugby Club (3)
  • 18.11.19 – Rugby session for P5 at Linlithgow Rugby Club (4)
  • 19.11.19 – Learning Showcase from 14.00 – 15.00
  • 6.12.19 – Christmas Fayre from 9.30 – 12.00

One week to go before the holidays!


P5 and Mr Logan