P3B Week commencing 30th September

In writing we carried out some research into turtles that are found off the coast of Hawaii. We used this information to make a fact file. We found out that a turtle can hold its breath under the water for 5 hours. They like to eat seagrass, seaweed and algae. When they are born they are 2 inches long and can grow to approximately 5 feet tall. That is almost as big as Mr Ritchie! They hatch out of eggs that are buried in the sand. There are approximately 100 eggs buried at a time.

This week in PE we continued to develop our Bench Ball skills. After warming up with different activities we formed small teams. In our teams we played against one another and tried to score as many points as we could.

In Maths we have been learning how to add and how to write our sums down correctly using our new squared paper jotters. We have also been working on symmetry and found lots of patterns in different animals, particularly in butterflies.

In French this week we learned how to count up to ten. We then used this information to ask each other how old we were and what we were called. We also learned the names for different colours of the rainbow.

In Science we learned about the different planets in the solar system. We learned their names, their orbits and how they travel around the sun. We also learned the names of some of the dwarf planets.

In reading we read about sharks that swim in the ocean off Hawaii. We then completed a comprehension activity to check what we had learned about them. We learned that baby sharks are called pups and they swim in a school. There are over 500 different spices of shark. Some of the species are called bull sharks, tiger sharks, great white and hammerhead sharks. If a shark stops swimming it will die because the water will remain in its gills, so it needs to keep moving to breath.

Mr Ritchie and the tiggerrific P3B’s