A friendly dragon visited P1B…

In Phonics we have been learning m and r. Letter formation:

m – down Maisie, back up Maisie and over the mountains.

r – down the robot’s back, back up then curl over his arm

We are getting very good at building words on our magnetic letter boards. Here are some you could try at home: rim, ran, rat, ram, mat, man, map

In Numeracy we finished learning all our numbers to 10. Next we have to work on the numbers we find tricky, we are good at recognising the numbers we need to work on. In Maths we finished off our learning on 2D shape by making 2D shape monsters!

In Health and Well-being we learned about what it means to be respectful. We learned the importance of greeting people, making eye contact and smiling. We made a ‘book of respect’ for our class library, each of us completed a page with a drawing showing how we are respectful. Lots of us drew pictures of how we are respectful to our parents by helping around the house – washing dishes, hoovering and gardening! Mrs Bell was very impressed!

On Wednesday a friendly dragon visited our classroom. He left a letter telling us that he is feeling sad because fairyland has disappeared! We are going to help him to rebuild fairyland by reading fairytales and working very hard to turn our classroom into fairyland. We built a beanstalk for Jack out of lego, designed castles and wrote letters back to the friendly dragon.

Here’s a little French song we are enjoying singing in class:


Reminder that it is Parents’ Evening next Wednesday and Thursday. If you haven’t already booked a slot, there are quite a few times available for the Thursday. I look forward to seeing you all then,

Have a great weekend!
Love P1B and Mrs Bell x