P4A Blog Week Ending 13.9.19


P4A have had a busy week and are ready for a rest over the September holiday weekend!

Literacy and English

In reading we have been keen to read more of our books as we can’t wait to find out what happens next! We have been answering questions to show that we understand what the story is about and explore the language used in the books.  In writing this week, we have been learning to write a recount of a story called ‘A pair of Twins’. We enjoyed this story, however this was a tricky story to rewrite as there were lots of unfamiliar Indian words.

In punctuation we were revising when to use capital letters, full stop and question marks. In handwriting, we practised joining ascenders like an ‘a’ to an ‘l’.  We learned that ‘al’ could be used as a prefix at the beginning of words to change a word like ‘most’ to ‘almost’ or as a suffix at the end to change a word like ‘norm’ to ‘normal’.In spelling we were learning to spell words that had the ‘ear’ sound like ‘learn ’or ‘ck’ sound like ‘stuck’. We practised lots of activities in class to help us to learn our spelling words.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been revising place value, making sure that we line up the units, tens, hundreds and thousands correctly. We have also been learning to compare and order numbers to list in order of the largest or smallest.

We practised symmetry with mirrors to make sure that our symmetry patterns were exactly symmetrical and have been looking out for symmetry in everyday objects. We have also been practising mental maths.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our focus in P.E this week has been to develop our balance and control of the shuttlecock in badminton. We practised lunges around the room with the shuttlecock on our heads as a warm up and practised quickly changing directions. We took turns to throw the shuttlecock and pass it back using our rackets. We have also been practising team skills.

We have been comparing the climate in India to Scotland and have taken the temperature each day for both. It was double as warm in India! In expressive arts we have been making Indian elephants, showing the colours and patterns used vibrantly in India. We have also enjoyed music with Ms Bain. We have been learning lots about Judaism in RME with Mrs Begarnie.


  • AC – Assembly certificate for a fantastic start to Springfield and for sharing his ideas. We love having you at our school!
  • EC and CC – Well done for getting the most dojos to be the pupils of the week!
  • Marshmallows Table – Well done for being the group with the most points.
  • Well done to everyone that took part in Pedal for Scotland. Fantastic achievement!
  • Thanks for sending in photos of personal achievements. They are displayed on the achievement wall outside Mr Wells’ and Mrs Hocknall’s offices for us all to be proud of you!

Coming Up

  • 9.19 – Holiday
  • 9.19 – Holiday
  • 9.19 – Liaise with Leadership 4-5pm (P3 classroom)
  • 9.19 – Parent Council AGM 7-8pm (library)
  • 9.19 – Monitoring and Tracking of Wellbeing 6-7pm (hall)
  • 9.19 – European Day of Languages
  • 3.19 – Parents Evening 4.30-7.30pm
  • 3.19 – Parents Evening 3.30-6.30pm

Have a relaxing and restful long weekend!

P4A and Ms McAlpine