Talkative P7a

On Monday we taught our first classes as part of our Leadership roles. Sports leaders taught P4, Literacy Leaders taught P5/6 (and got 2 stars and a wish feedback!), Digital Leaders taught P2, Numeracy leaders taught P3, Buddy Leaders worked with P1 and the Newspaper Leaders started interviewing people and some continued writing the paper. 2 of us also had our first visit the the Linlithgow Day Care Centre.

We undertook research on the impact the fires are having on Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest, we then used this information to write persuasive arguments about deforestation.

In Science we were sorting living things into vertebrates and invertebrates and looking at the five kingdoms.

We had a workshop on the mosiac project, this sounds interesting and we need to start gathering old or broken tiles.

In PE we have been focusing on our throwing skills in Dodgeball- we have found it easier to play when we have smaller teams, listen to each other and actually picking up the balls!

On Thursday we had our first French session with Mrs Gordon, she told Mrs Newton (who was with the P1’s, so small compared to us) that we were amazing 🙂

Assembly this week focused on Responsibility- this is when you show a good example to someone else. We then had some Buddy time outside, this was a lovely way to end the week.

Don’t forget that next week is a short one as we are off on Monday and Tuesday.

Deposits for camp need to be paid by the 30th September (thanks to everyone who has already paid 🙂 ).

Have lovely weekend, the sun is supposed to shine!

P7a and Mrs Newton