P5 Weekly Blog

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics this week we have consolidating our learning of place value. This involved being able to explain the link between a digit, its place and its value. We reminded ourselves that a digit is a single numerical symbol whereas a number is a series of digits. When applying our learning, we were asked to find the ‘value’ of a particular digit within a number, e.g. what is the value of 7 in 37,560, to which we would (hopefully) say 7,000.

In mental maths this week we have been doing some Number Talks. This is when we are posed with a calculation and have to play with the number to increase our ‘number sense’, i.e. visualising problems, performing varied calculations quickly and being more flexible in our mathematical strategy. We were asked how many ways we could solve 357 + 444 before verbalising and demonstrating our strategies to the rest of the class. This will be a included in our Numeracy and Mathematics everyday throughout the year as a 10/15 minute warm-up. We’re hoping to become better ‘mathletes’ by the end of P5!

Literacy and English

In reading this week, we have been assigned our group novels for the term and used ‘prediction’ and ‘prior knowledge’ within group discussions. We discussed what would happen in the story and how the plot may unfold, and shared our prior knowledge of themes explored on the cover and within the blurb.

We also worked on some Japan reading comprehension after accessing an informative text about the country. We were posed with a range of literal and inferential questions and had to ensure we used the wording of the question to form our answers and full sentences at all times. The final set of questions were evaluative where we offered our own opinion and viewpoint.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Basketball continues to be our focus within P.E and we have been working on both our dribbling and passing skills during our two sessions this week. Whilst dribbling, we focused on:

  1. Using one hand at a time to avoid ‘double dribbling’
  2. Pushing the ball rather than slapping it
  3. Using both our right and left hand
  4. Making effective use of space and being aware of those around us
  5. Not bouncing the ball too high to prevent interceptions

We also used a range of passing types; chest, bounce and overhead, discussing scenarios when these would be most effective.

Our knowledge of Japan has been built upon this week as were introduced to key information about the country before using our notes to create fact files. We used headings, sub-headings and an appropriate layout to display this information is a clear way. Next week, we’ll be digging further into life in Japan and how this differs from life here in Scotland.


  • A huge well done to Finlay M who shared his Canal Fun Day successes with us! He showed resilience when telling us of how his boat sank after 1 minute but it didn’t spoil the fun!
  • Lily was lucky enough to meet the Scotland Rugby team after their squad was announced for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan, and brought in her signed flag to show us. What a lucky girl!
  • Mairi D, Jude and Cori took part in a Clarion cycling event on Wednesday and managed to complete the hill climb! Great effort guys, maybe there’s still time to make Team GB’s Tokyo 2020 squad…

Coming Up

  • 13.9.19 – ‘Responsible’ Assembly
  • 16.9.19 – Holiday
  • 17.9.19 – Holiday
  • 18.9.19 – ‘Liaise with Leadership’ from 4-5pm
  • 27.9.19 – European Day of Languages
  • 30.9.19 – 8 week block of Futsal sessions from WLYFF commence
  • 2.10.19 – Parents Evening from 5-8pm
  • 3.10.19 – Parents Evening from 3.45-6.45pm
  • 8.10.19 – West Lothian Ranger Service orienteering session (pm)
  • 11.10.19 – Harvest Assembly
  • 11.10.19 – All break for October holiday

Have a great weekend everyone!

P5 and Mr Logan