Another busy week in P7a

This week has been very busy. We went to visit the Peel, took part in a touch rugby event and then watched the announcement of the Scottish Rugby World Cup Squad. It was a very wet afternoon, but we enjoyed it.

In Maths we have created multi digit multiplication and division sums and solved the  Four Fours challenge. Next week we are looking at how to calculate area of non regular shapes, simplfying equivalent and non equivalent fractions and undertaking a problem solving challenge.

We started our research on Romero Britto and Brazil, taking notes on Britto’s life, completing a mapping exercise of South America and comparing our school day to that of a child in Sao Paulo.

We have now started our reading books and finished a comprehension exercise on global warming. Next week we will be writing a persuasive article on the impact that land use has on the Amazon Rainforest and Brazil.

Today we held our House Captains and Vice Captains elections. Well done to everyone who took part and those who were elected. Information on the winners is on the Springfield Twitter Feed.

Hoodies and ties are arriving today, however not until 2pm, so everyone will get theirs on Monday 🙂

Have an amazing weekend.

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂