Welcome to Primary 5/6

Hello from primary 5/6.  Lego people  will welcome you into our classroom.

We chose  mining to display our class charter which we discussed in groups. Next week we will be making our class charter .

In groups, we discussed our feelings for the 5 point scale and are happy with the results.

This week we had a visit from SSPCA. They came to talk to us about wildlife in Britain and caring for them. We played a game about Scottish wildlife and then we did some coding. We made an owl from coding blocks and then we programmed it to move and make sounds. It was good fun . We got a sticker and a pencil at the end.


Photos from our SSPCS visit

For maths and art we drew geostars and then we got to choose whether we wanted to paint them in different shades or tones, or we could choose hot or cold colours and make patterns in the shapes. They look fab.

For numeracy this term we are learning about place value and  we did

M   Hth Tth Th    H T U.  We also did some number talks.