That’s a wrap!

This has been our last week in P6 and it has been very busy!

On Monday we did the Chilli challenge in Maths. This was interesting as it showed us how much we had learned. We read Return To Groosham Grange

( we were trying to read the whole novel in a week).

On Tuesday we had our first buddy tea party in the Nursery, and we took part in a “Would you Rather” discussion.

On Wednesday Kieran came in for our funday. We went to the park, played rounders, sorted out the netbooks for Mr Wells and then had our fun, inflatable afternoon. The sun shone and it was a great relaxing day.

Thursday morning we went to the awards ceremony. This was really nice and a few of us won awards for Maths. We then had our final Science session with Mrs Tulloch for P6. In the afternoon we read some more Groosham Grange and finished moving things around in the classroom, plus our second tea party.

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. We are happy the holidays are almost here, however sad that we are saying goodbye to Miss Baillie, but excited to be moving into P7- phew who knew we could feel so many emotions at the same time!

Have a fantastic summer and we will be back with more updates in August (as P7a 🙂  )

Signing off,

P6a and Mrs Newton 🙂

P.S. We finished Return to Groosham Grange 🙂 🙂