P3B Mind Mapping, Planning and Measuring

Another busy week in P3B.  On Tuesday we were learning about how to use medicine safely.  We identified when it is ok to use medicine and the benefits that medicine can have as well as thinking about situations when taking medicine may be harmful, such as taking medicine that isn’t for you and not under the supervision of a trusted adult.  We were given lots of different scenarios that we could encounter, e.g., you find a jar of pills with the lid off, what should you do?  We were all very sensible and had lots of great advice to make sure we did the right thing.  After our discussions we wrote down at least three golden rules when it comes to medicine.

In our Social Studies Local Area topic we have decided to begin a campaign to reduce the amount of litter that is dropped in our school grounds.  We want to get the whole school involved as it the responsibility of all to look after our local environment.  On Tuesday we learned about mind maps – what they are good for and how to make them.  We worked in pairs to make mind maps outlining our ideas for the campaign.  There were lots of really good suggestions.  We have also spoken to Mrs Hutton who spends a lot of time in our outdoor areas and asked her for her opinion on the problem areas.  The pitch, trim trail and outdoor classroom seem to be the worst areas.  On Friday we went to look at these areas and write down ways to target them.

We have been learning about minibeasts with Mrs McVay over the past couple of weeks.  This week we had a ladybug ball – made masks and sang songs.

In Music with Ms Bain we have been writing a song about reduce, reuse and recycle and she even recorded us singing this week!

We completed and presented the powerpoints we have been making to convince the Simpsons to move to Linlithgow.   We were not short of ideas for things to do in and around town.  The Leisure Centre, Loch and Palace featured in quite a few.  We have been reminded how lucky we are to live in such a lovely place.

In numeracy and maths we have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2, 3 and 4 and some have begun dividing.  In outer maths we learned about capacity this week.  We had three stations which we each visited throughout the lesson.  We played computer games where we had to read the amount of liquid in a container using the scale on the side.  We completed capacity question sheets and practised estimating and measuring  using water, beakers, spoons and jugs.  It was a busy lesson and everyone was very engaged.

Thank you for reading our blog, have a great weekend.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy