P1a jobs in the community and more…

This week we continued our local area focus by looking at jobs in the community. We invited in any of our P1 parents/carers that had a job in the community to come and share it with the children. We were delighted to invite in a policeman, a firefighter, a midwife, 2 nurses and a community youth worker. The children learned about the jobs by taking part in a rotation around each job where they could interact with resources and ask questions. At the end they shared their learning and Mrs Gordon and Mrs Reid were very impressed with everything they picked up.

In French with Camembear we learnt about the weather and how to say it is hot, cold, sunny and rainy.

In literacy we learnt 2 more digraphs ow and is cow and ou as in loud. These were quite tricky ones. Our common words were into and here.

In numeracy we worked on sequencing and ordering numbers to 20. We will need lots of practice as this was quite tricky, especially when we had to do it backwards…. We also started a block on data handling and talked about surveys and pictographs. We asked our friends to vote for their favourite fruits and then made a pictograph with a partner to show the results.

Happy weekend from Mrs Gordon and P1a.