Challenging Cross Country in P6a

This has been a super quick week in P6a as we were off on Monday and Tuesday.

First thing on Wednesday we went to the Linlithgow Cross Country Festival, it was very wet and cold, however we all did our best and got medals 🙂

When we got back to school we looked at different strategies for adding and subtracting and then talked about a healthy diet as part of our HWB lesson.

On Thursday we started planning our leaflet writing for children moving to Linlithgow. We will write the leaflets next week.

On Friday Kieran came to visit to announce the winners of our Fairtrade Quidditch Kit contest- no one from our class won, but we were happy that Kieran stayed and worked with us 🙂

Next week we have visitors from HMIe coming in, Mrs Newton has told us how awesome we are and how proud of us she is, so we are excited to share our learning with them.

Have a great weekend, hopefully the sun will shine 🙂

P6a and Mrs Newton