Primary 1B – w/e 3rd May 2019

We have had a very busy week in P1b!

In Literacy, we have been learning two new digraphs, ‘oi’ as in coin and ‘oy’ as in boy.  We learned that ‘oi’ usually comes at the beginning or middle of a word and ‘oy’ mostly comes at the end.  We did find quite a few exceptions though which made it tricky!  Our new tricky words were ‘there’ and ‘were’.  We found that when we tried to come up with sentences using ‘there’ we were getting a little bit muddled up with ‘they’.  We kept trying though and now understand the difference between the words.

In Numeracy we were learning about the different ways that a subtraction question could be written.  For example, find the difference between, minus, take away, less than.  We have also been learning how to use subtraction within worded questions.  For example, there were 10 carrots.  5 were eaten.  How many were left?  We saw how important it was to read the question carefully before answering.

In Maths we were learning about Capacity.  In pairs, we took on two challenges to work out the capacity of a variety of vessels – a spoon challenge and a cube challenge.  We had to choose a vessel and predict the number of spoons of sand which would fit inside the vessel and then redo the experiment to see how many cubes the vessel would hold.  It was interesting to see how accurate (or not!) our predictions were.  We found that some groups got a different answer for the number of spoons of sand in the same vessel and worked out that this was because the size of spoonfuls differed from one group to the next.

In PE, we continued our Gymnastics block with Mrs Harris.  We were learning about different types of jump this week.

Mrs Laing visited us again to complete the clay modelling.  Everyone has now sculpted a model.  The models look amazing!  There were so many different ideas.  Once they are dry they will be able to come home.

We also participated in a Generation Science workshop, part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.  The children learned about computer programming through following instructions to build a Lego robot goal keeper and programming the robot to try to save shots at goal.  They learned how important it is to give clear instructions to make sure the robot did what they wanted it to do.  They had great fun programming the ‘live’ robot to make a jam sandwich!  Mrs Reid was impressed with the Lego building skills and how confidently the computer programmes were devised.

Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Mrs Reid and Primary 1B