WWII, Angles and Letter Writing -P7B

‘The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.’ – Brian Herbert

Literacy: We have been enjoying reading our class novel – The boy in the striped pyjamas. Although a book full of emotions and themes such friendship kindness, innocence and so much more we can not get enough of it. Through the novel we have been using our skills to improve our reading and comprehension of a text. We have been using the novel to identify the grammar, vocabulary and language that the author uses. During writing this week, we practiced spelling words that are linked to WWII and we used the dictionary to help us find to definitions of unfamiliar words.  We managed what it would have felt like to have been a child evacuee during WWII and using the spelling we had learnt we planned and wrote letters home describing our journey to the country side, and how we have settled in our new homes. During writing we focused on a letter layout and grammar such as writing in first person, chronological order and past tense.

 Numeracy: We have been identifying angles in and around the school. We have been learning to name angles and use the correct mathematical terms, such as arm and vertex. We have been learning to use the protractor accurately and correctly to measure and draw a range of different angles. Ask us what we can tell you about vertically opposite angles, supplementary angles and complimentary angles.

IDL: Continuing with our study of WWII we worked in groups and discussed what we thought are essential items to be packed into a child evacuees suitcase. To get a better understanding of what it may have felt like, we worked in groups and created a short child evacuee performance.  Food rationing has been an eye opener for how lucky we are, we have discussed the reasons why food and clothes were rationed,  we had a look at ration books and coupons that were used. We worked out how much our own families would have received, and have created a menu based on the rationed food.

PE:  During PE this week we played a 5 a side football game, and this week it is our second last session of futsal.

1+2: French with Mrs. Gordon we have been learning words, phrases and pronunciation of the weather, we worked in groups and our dialogue was filmed, so that we could watch it back and self and peer assess.

SFLLW: This week we have been fortunate to have talks about a wide range of different careers, such as HR management, Theatre production and Jet2 Engineering. We have found this very informative and interesting, please remember to ask us about what we have heard.

P7B and Mrs. Matos