P1’s Magic Train Journey and more…

This week we continued our Magic Train Ride journey as part of our transport focus. We had imagined we were on a magic train and we wrote and drew about what we saw. Mrs Gordon and Mrs Reid were really impressed with our descriptions. We also had a lot of fun making tickets and building trains and stations.

In numeracy we continued our subtraction journey. We loved ordering our number line and then jumping to practice subtraction number sentences.

We read the Great Pet Sale again as part of our money work. We even had our own pet sale where we had to make a price tag, put it on our pet and then find the correct coins to buy our toy…what fun!

We decided to make Valentine Cards for our loved ones. N has a real talent for making 3D roses and taught the whole class including Mrs Gordon how to do this!

The week was Scotland loves languages week so Mrs Gordon had 2 of her P5 Language Ambassadors come and teach “el gruffalo” in Spanish to the children. We learnt head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish and numbers to 5. Que bien!

Happy long weekend, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Reid, P1a and P1b x