P1a Block Play and ICT skills

Another fun filled week in P1a with lots of help from our P7 leaders and the P3 playleaders.


This week we learned our first digraph ‘sh’ we learnt that when these 2 letters are together they make 1 sound. We all had fun making shape ships’s and writing sentences with our sh words.


We started our block on subtraction by eating marshmallows to demonstrate “taking away”, we really enjoyed that! Our focus this week was on using concrete materials including blocks, pasta, fingers etc to show what subtraction means. We also used number lines to demonstrate jumping back when subtracting.


In PE with Mr Logan this week we started a football block by doing some ball skills. Have a look at our concentration when we are catching the ball….

We also did some more work on growth mindset where we focused on 2 things we could do and 1 we couldn’t do “yet”.

P3 and P7 Leader activities

Some of the P7 leaders are doing a 4 week block with us on ICT skills. This week we learnt how to log on and off the computer. We really enjoyed this.

The P3 block play leaders helped us create some structures with our new blocks, we even made a church!

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a