Eric Liddell, ‘magic e’ and money in P2A

This week we learned about Eric Liddell, the Scottish runner who won gold for Scotland in the 1924 Paris Olympics. On Monday we used the computers to carry out research about Eric, then on Tuesday we wrote fact files using the information we found. Ask us about him, we know lots of fascinating facts.

On Wednesday we created abstract art of Eric Liddell running, his running technique was unique – ask us to show you how he ran!

In Phonics we began learning about ‘magic e’, we’re all doing really well with this. It helps to sound out the word before and after adding the ‘magic e’ for example;


…sprinkle on the magic e…


Here’s a ‘magic e’ song we’ve enjoyed singing in class:

In Maths we began learning about money. We are all able to recognise coins up to £1. Now we are counting coins, remembering to start with the biggest coin. Some of us are getting muddled when adding 10p and only adding 1p. We will continue to work on this next week. Here’s a game you can play at home to practise this skill:

In PE with Mrs Bell we worked on our fitness and coordination. We loved working out to music and having a go at each of the stations.

On Wednesday we visited the new library for the first time. We will be going to the library every Wednesday so if you would like a new book remember to bring back the old one on Wednesdays.

Next Thursday afternoon we are having a Burns celebration in Primary 2. We will be tasting shortbread, weaving tartan, singing Scottish songs, highland dancing and performing Scots poems.

The children have been given a selection of Scots poems. If they would like to, they can learn and perform one of the poems at our Burns Celebration.  If your child has anything tartan, please send it in for them to change into. Please don’t buy anything especially for this as we have some tartan sashes the children can wear.

If you have any Scottish books, artifacts or skills please get in touch! I have been hearing from the children that we have lots of parents who can highland dance. It would be fab to have an expert to show us how it’s done 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Love P2A and Mrs Bell x