P3B Estimating, Fact Files and Les Couleurs

P3B have worked very hard this week.  In numeracy we were learning how to estimate on a number line.  We discussed the importance of learning this skill and how it can be used in our everyday lives, for example, when we are measuring or weighing ingredients or using a thermometer.  We estimated individually and also challenged each other to place numbers on large number lines – one from 1 to 100 and one from 0 to 1000.  We also looked at number lines on different measuring and weighing equipment.  We worked hard to explain to others our thoughts as we made our estimations , verbalising the reasoning behind our decisions.  It is good to say our maths thoughts out loud and we learn from each other by doing this.

We have been continuing our research on Australia.  Thank you to D, H and A who brought in some Australian items and photos from home.  We have enjoyed looking at them and learning a bit more about them. I also brought in some Australian story books which we have enjoyed listening to.

During our planning for our Australia topic, quite a few of the questions were about Australian animals.  This week we have been learning a lot more about animals native to Australia and have each begun a ‘Fact File’  We have drawn our animals – looking carefully to make our line drawings as accurate as possible.

We also begun using the internet to search for information.  We have been thinking of good questions and key words to type into the search engine.  We also tried to find child friendly websites that had information that we could read and understand to allow us to take notes.  The Fact Files are really beginning to take shape and we have learned a lot of interesting facts through our research.

We continued to learn colours in French this week.  Last week we begun to say the colours and this week we were also reading and writing them.  We had fun making ‘fortune tellers.’ We wrote the colours on the top in French, spelling the french words out as we played with them.  We also tried an additional challenge to  say as many of the numbers as possible in French and to count in French too.

This is just a taster of our busy week.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week at Parents Night – I can’t believe how quickly we are racing towards the October holiday!

Enjoy the weekend.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy