Blog P6A: WE 5.10.18 Fun week in P6A!

Fun week in P6A!

This week was amazing!

On Monday we had the laptops; we went on Sumdog and worked on decimals. Then after lunch we worked with our P2 pals on adding 10, for example 6+10=16. After that we did walk a mile. Then we read Kid Normal: that is our class novel.

On Tuesday we did symbol work: we were working on adding, subtracting and rounding in word problems. We also did reading and comprehension in our reading groups.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Mr Wells and Mr Logan just to see how we are doing in the class. We all did very well and we could answer any questions that they asked us. We could also answer questions that they asked us all about what our learning intention was.

On Thursday we did P.E and we did netball and we all played a game of it. We also had Science and we talked about electricity and different types of energy. We talked about Health and wellbeing and all of our emotions that we experience and how we show them

Have a good weekend from P6A