This week in Maths we were working on rounding to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. We have started BIG MATHS and we all really enjoy singing the song before the challenge begins.

In literacy this week we did comprehensions on our reading books we answered questions about the characters, settings and phrases. We also did our reading groups and we read with the Teacher and got our reading homework.

In P.E. we played a game called ‘Camouflage’ and we all really enjoyed hiding and trying to make sure the person in the middle doesn’t see us!

On Thursday we went into the Community wing to do some talk about our new feelings chart and how we feel and how to control getting angry and frustrated and we explained that we all get angry some times.

On Monday we went along to the P2 classrooms and spent some time with our P2 pals, we showed them how to log on to a computer and how to write their names in fancy font and styles we all really enjoy helping our P2 pals to learn.

On Friday we went to the assembly hall to listen to the assembly by the P7’s and they talked about resilient and to stay resilient when tough things happen they gave us strategies that would help us when we need it.

Thank you for reading the P6A’S blog J