Hibernation, Squirrel Nutkin and yoga in P2A

Another busy week in P2A, we are setting a super example to the new Primary 1 children by behaving sensibly and we’ve earned lots of pegs for walking quietly around school. We are also getting quicker at our morning and end of the day routines.

On Monday our lovely P6 Pals came to see us. They helped us to practise logging onto the laptops. Some of us had time to play on this fun game called Build Your wild Self, this is a fun one to play about on at home:


In Maths this week we have been learning how to find numbers before, after and in between. We used a 100 square to help us. We enjoyed playing this game:


In Literacy we were working in our phonics groups; these groups are very flexible and mean that we are working on the digraphs we need to revise. We are focusing on saying sounds and using sounds in words. We practised writing our sounds in lots of different ways:

During IDL we learnt more about animals that hibernate – we know that hedgehogs, dormice and bats hibernate. We also learnt what animals do to survive hibernation – you could ask us about this at home.

This week we have been listening to stories by Beatrix Potter. We loved the story about Squirrel Nutkin!

We loved it so much that we decided that we would like to make squirrels in art. We learnt how to create texture by layering different materials. Miss Prince was very impressed with how well we worked with our partner to create a squirrel’s tail.

In PE we learnt some yoga poses and practised breathing deeply. We demonstrated resilience when we were learning the tree balance – it was tricky!

Here are some photos of our free play fun:

Looking forward to meeting you all at Meet the Teacher on Tuesday evening.

Have a great weekend!

Love P2A, Squirrel Nutkin and Miss Prince x