Books and sunshine

Maths: In Maths this week we did some work on equivalent and improper fractions. We also did some work on measurement. We measured how many metres it is around the pitch using trundle wheels and metre sticks.

Literacy and reading: We started a new class novel called ‘The fox girl and the white gazelle’ by Victoria Williamson. You can buy the book for £5. We also did some work on Linlithgow. We read about Linlithgow on a leaflet then wrote about why Linlithgow is different to everywhere else. Then we planned out a day for someone who is taking a day trip to Linlithgow from when they get up until when they go to bed. The leaflets were a bit out of date so we had to write down what stuff isn’t there anymore.

PE: This week the weather has been so nice we have done outdoor PE every day.

Events: On Friday we dressed up as Disney characters. We had Cruella De Ville, The Queen of Hearts, Robin Hood, Moana and many more.

Riddles: A man and a woman go on a honeymoon. The wife kills the man and the police arrest the wife three hours later. Why?

On Fridays we do committees. The committees are JRSO, pupil council, Health and Wellbeing, sports, Rights Respecting, Tech and the fun committee.

The answer to the riddle: The wife only bought a one way ticket for the man.