P5A Week ending 18.5.18

On Wednesday , “National Numeracy Day”, we had a visit from Mr Turtle who is a structural engineer. He did a lesson on structures and how to make them stronger after his daughter had told him about our visit to the Queensferry Crossing Bridge. This activity involved measuring to the nearest millimetre. We had to be very accurate in our measuring. We used a strip of paper, which represented an I beam, and measured, cut and glued balsa wood to the top and bottom on both sides. We predicted and then tested what would happen when you added weights to the middle. It took 100gm before the paper bent at both ends. So next we added strips of balsa to either end to make it stronger and then retested. This time it took 200gm and it bent in the middle. So we added balsa to the middle and retested. This time it took 400gm. This time it bent between the wood strengthening it so we glued wood between the middle and end. It took 700gm. Then we all tested our own and Finlay, Angus and Daniel won, as their I beam was able to take 1500gm. It was a great afternoon putting real measuring into practise. Thank you very much Mr Turtle.

Testing our I beams.

In maths we are learning about capacity and volume and in number we have completed our fractions focus and started work on decimal. We are looking at the relationship between them.

In literacy we have been learning about the difference between possessive s and plural s. In pairs we worked to find out the difference and now it is much clearer. We will continue with this on Monday. Within our literacy circle groups we are starting to familiarise ourselves with the different roles and there was super dialogue about the different main characters.

We started the Big Writing Adventure and were looking at what makes a superhero. Now we are using interesting vocabulary to develop our own characters.

Half the class went to the triathlon on Thursday. The pupils were a credit to the school and performed very well at the different sports. The weather was perfect and it ended with a potted highland games. Mr Logan is going to post the photographs taken.

The rest of the class continued with Scratch and helped Mr Ritchie’s class. They  designed posters for Transition Linlithgow with regard to the use of plastics.