P7b Weekly Blog


This week in Numeracy we have been:

  • Rounding whole numbers to the nearest 1000, 10 000 and 100 000
  • Rounding decimal fractions to the nearest whole number, to one decimal place and two decimal places
  • Multiplying whole numbers by two digit numbers
  • Multiplying decimal fractions to two decimal places by a single digit
  • Solving word problems using written methods for all four functions


This week in Literacy we have been:

  • Making relevant notes using our own words to prepare a presentation on ways in which people remained safe during air raids and bombings in WWII
  • Presenting our findings to our peers using appropriate vocabulary, eye contact, body language, emphasis, pace and tone of voice
  • Responding to a range of questions, including literal, inferential
    and evaluative questions based on WWII air raids
  • Writing a Lion King recount which describes our own experiences as well as our thoughts and feelings about the success of the performance

Learning Across the Curriculum

This week we have also been:

  • Continuing to develop our physical fitness through our circuit activities
  • Attending golf sessions with the Stephen Gallagher Foundation at Kingsfield Golf Range
  • Participating in rugby taster sessions delivered by Linlithgow Rugby Club
  • Extending our knowledge of a range of career opportunities through attendance at the Careers Fayre on Tuesday evening
  • Working collaboratively with our Pupil Voice Committees during session 4 to further develop work carried out across school

Coming Up – Diaries at the Ready!

Here are all of the things we can look forward to throughout May and June:

  • Monday 7th May – Holiday
  • Tuesday 8th May – Holiday
  • Wednesday 9th May – Internet Safety talk from PC Hunter at Linlithgow PS
  • Thursday 10th May – Rugby taster session (2)
  • Friday 11th May – Tempest P7 photographs
  • Tuesday 15th May – Golf lessons from SG Foundation at Kingsfield (2)
  • Thursday 17th May – British Transport Police railway safety visit
  • Thursday 17th May – Rugby taster session (3)
  • Sunday 20th May – George Allan football tournament from 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • Monday 21st May – Drug and tobacco education workshop (1)
  • Monday 21st May – Class talks throughout this week
  • Tuesday 22nd May – Golf lessons from SG Foundation at Kingsfield (3)
  • Tuesday 22nd May – STEM information evening from 6-7pm
  • Thursday 24th May – Rugby taster session (4)
  • Thursday 24th May – End of year disco from 7.30-9.30pm
  • Monday 28th May – Drug and tobacco education workshop (2)
  • Tuesday 29th May – Golf lessons from SG Foundation at Kingsfield (4)
  • Thursday 31st May – Minikickers football session, Sports Leaders required
  • Friday 1st June – French transition event at Linlithgow Academy
  • Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June – School camp in Oban
  • Wednesday 13th June – Book Fair event at Linlithgow Rugby Club marquee
  • Wednesday 13th June – P7 leavers meal at Bar Leo from 5-7pm
  • Tuesday 19th June – Marches Day holiday
  • Wednesday 20th June to Friday 22nd June – S1 transition days at Linlithgow Academy
  • Thursday 21st June – Minkickers football session, Sports Leaders required
  • Thursday 28th June – P7 Leavers Assembly at 2pm
  • Friday 29th June – Last day of session 2018/2019

We hope you all have a relaxing and well-deserved long weekend. We’ll be back on Wednesday, at which point there will only be 8 weeks of P7 remaining!

P7b and Mr. Logan