P7b Weekly Blog


  • Established the difference between a pattern (shapes) and a sequence (numbers)
  • Explained and used rules to extend well known number sequences including square numbers, triangular numbers and Fibonacci sequences
  • Applied knowledge of multiples, factors and square numbers to generate and continue number sequences
  • Challenged peers to solve our own pattern and sequence problems


  • Completed our personal projects on an aspect of WWII and received our feedback
  • Beginning to summarise our personal projects ahead of our class talks
  • Carried out research on the blitz in Scotland and how this affected those in Glasgow and the surrounding areas
  • Used the Literacy Box for comprehension challenges and consolidated our learning of grammatical rules and punctuation
  • Began reading and exploring the themes within our new WWII related class novel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  • See examples of our propaganda below


  • Created a display around our classroom door using our propaganda posters
  • Produced blitz artwork using watercolour paints and silhouettes of British and German aircraft
  • See examples of our artwork below

Health and Wellbeing

  • Continued improving our physical fitness as part of a fitness and track athletics block in P.E
  • Completed a fitness circuit with various activities and exercises
  • Recorded and tracked our progress using score sheets at each of the 8 stations
  • Football team trained in preparation for this year’s George Allan tournament on Sunday 20th May, 7-a-side games with a formation/shaping focus
  • Netball girls participated in their final league meeting of the year, finishing 3rd in the cluster league standings
  • MF and LC successfully led our Cheerleading after school club for their younger peers ahead of their showcase event

Skills for Learning, Life and Work

  • We welcomed Mr. Vereker into class to speak about his job in rope access
  • Mr. Matheson also visited us to speak about his job as Software Writer
  • Putting together our list of professionals and local businesses ahead of our P7 Careers Fayre on 1st May at 6pm

Lion King

  • Final preparations and rehearsals taking place for our Lion King performances at Linlithgow Academy next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
  • All tickets now sold out for the Tuesday evening and a very limited number remaining for Wednesday
  • See photos below of us rehearsing below
  • Next Week

  • Monday 23rd April – After school football training outdoors at 3.15pm
  • Tuesday 24th April – Full day dress rehearsal at Linlithgow Academy and Lion King performance at 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 25th April – Lion King performance at 7.30pm
  • Thursday 26th April – Mr. Boiling visiting for WWII at Sea presentation, rugby taster sessions to begin, sports leaders to assist at Minikickers football for P1 at 3.15pm

As always, have a great weekend when it arrives!

P7b and Mr. Logan