P7b Weekly Blog


  • Identifying multiple lines of symmetry from 2D shapes and patterns
  • Creating our own designs reflected across vertical and horizontal axes of symmetry
  • Carrying out rotational symmetry in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction
  • Designing symmetrical mascots for Team Scotland at Commonwealth Games
  • Consolidating our knowledge of inverse operations with Mrs. Doran


  • Developing our comprehension skills through the interpretation of WWII propaganda
  • Discussing the main themes, purposes and reasons for use of varied propaganda
  • Making our own examples of propaganda on a theme of our choice
  • Consolidating our knowledge of similes, metaphors and personification
  • Applying this knowledge to create poems with Mrs. Doran

Health and Wellbeing

  • Started our block of fitness and track athletics for P.E
  • Carried out baseline assessment of our fitness levels using Cooper Test method (12 minute run)
  • Springfield 1 remain unbeaten after 3 wins and a draw at our final football league meeting on Monday
  • Springfield 2 put in an outstanding performance to beat Linlithgow Bridge 3-0

Skills for Learning, Life and Work

  • Visits from various professionals this week
  • Mrs. McKellar – Speech and Language Therapist
  • Mr. Sexton – Project Manager (Scottish Water)
  • Mrs. Waldron – Landscape Planner
  • Mrs. MacKenzie – Police Scotland
  • Ms. McLeod – Bauer Academy (Media)
  • Developing the Young Workforce event at SRUC Oatridge Campus

Have a great weekend everyone!

P7b and Mr. Logan