Weighing and Wee Granny’s Magic Bag (P1A)

This week we have been learning to use + and =. Miss Harrison hid lots of + and = symbols around the classroom and we went on a maths hunt to find them! We have been using these symbols in our adding sums. We have also been learning how to add 1 and 2 more.

On Thursday, we were learning to describe and compare weights. We drew pictures of heavy and light objects, compared weights, sorted items according to their weight and weighed items using scales and cubes. We had to weigh some of our shoes and one shoe weighed 77 cubes!

This week our new sounds were ‘g’ and ‘f’. We played ‘g’ bingo, made our own gloves, made ‘f’ fish and made ‘f’ words on our magnetic boards. We have been working hard with writing our letters, using our sounds to make words and some of us are even writing a sentence! We have also been using our sounds to read words in our reading books.

This week we started our Scottish Book Focus. We listened to the story, ‘Wee Granny’s Magic Bag’. We really liked when Granny pulled out the deckchairs, the telephone box, the oven and Bert the donkey from her magic bag. On Tuesday morning as part of our ‘Big Write’, we talked about and drew or wrote our favourite parts. We made recipes for cupcakes in our role play area (just like Granny’s), painted big cupcakes, drew pictures of the things that came out of Granny’s bag and used pictures and props to retell the story.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P1A and Miss Harrison 🙂