Week Commencing 6th November 2017

On Monday we learned our new spelling sounds and practiced them by completing various activities at our “active” spelling stations. In Maths we finished off our work on symmetry by cutting out and folding shapes to find out if the shape was symmetrical.  In the afternoon we completed our board games all about “Maui” by making up question cards and writing a set of rules on how to play the different games.

We have also been learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives during literacy time. They have been self-assessing their writing to ensure that they try to include many different adjectives to make their stories more engaging for the reader.

The class had great fun on Wednesday when they created their own mythical creatures after being inspired by the story The Secret of the Kelpies. The class were so enthusiastic about their creations they have asked to write their own imaginative stories based on their creatures.

On Thursday the class discussed the importance of Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy. They also explored the poem The Inquisitive Child and had some super ideas as to the meaning behind this poem.

On Friday we work hard to develop our mental maths strategies by completing our “BIG Maths” challenge.