P5a and P5b

This week, we did the SCOOT challenge, where we needed to find fraction cards and answer the questions individually. For our chilli challenge, we looked at shaded fractions and  fraction number lines.

We brought in storyboxes on Monday and we retold our stories to a partner. On Thursday, P5a joined with the Nursery to tell them their stories. On Tuesday the 26th of September, P5b, are going to join the Nursery then, to do their retelling. We had a range of stories from Harry Potter to The Paper Dolls, with people being very creative, imaginative and inventive.

On Wednesday, we took part in Roald Dahl Day and we made dream jars after getting inspiration from the BFG. We watched a live feed about Roald Dahl and the illustrator of his books, Quentin Blake. Also, an inventor, called Colin Furze, who showed us a flame throwing guitar to represent one of the dangerous monsters in Billy and The Minpins. We tried to find a Phizzwizard but we haven’t caught it yet………..

Please remember that the children are on holiday on Monday and Tuesday 🙂