P1A’s amazing assembly!

This week, we learned two new sounds, ‘ou’ and ‘ow’. When learning the ‘ou’ sound, we played bingo with different ‘ou’ words and pictures, played ‘ou’ games on the computer, looked for ‘ou’ words in a word search and practised reading and writing the ‘ou’ sound and words containing ‘ou’. We also worked with a partner to write different ‘ou’ words on our whiteboards.

When learning the ‘ow’ sound, we made different ‘ow’ words with jewels, pebbles, Lego and small world people, worked with a partner to highlight ‘ow’ words in a text, drew pictures with the ‘ow’ sound in and practised writing ‘ow’ words and we used these in sentences. Our three new common words were ‘made’, ‘make’ and ‘like’.

This week we have been learning subtraction facts for 6-10. We have been playing dice games to practise our subtraction facts, playing Subtraction Bowling and Subtraction Smash, working with a partner to create and solve subtraction sums and we have been playing subtraction games on Education City.

On Thursday, we were learning to use non-standard units to measure length and height. We used our hands and feet to find objects which were longer/shorter than these body parts and then we used paper clips, cubes and counters to estimate and then measure the length and height of different objects.

On Monday afternoon some nursery children came to visit to see what it’s like in P1! Miss Harrison read us all a story and then we helped to look after the nursery children whilst they were playing. We were super buddies to the nursery children and made them feel very welcome.

On Friday morning, the buddies came to see us and help us learn on the laptops. They helped us to log on to the computers using a password, identify the Google Chrome icon and they supported us with using key words to find information on the internet.

The rest of our week was taken up with preparing and practising for our class assembly! On Friday we had lots of mums, dads, family and friends into school to present our assembly. We did an absolutely amazing job and we enjoyed sharing our learning, achievements and memories of P1 with everyone.  Miss Harrison was extremely proud of us and felt very emotional! We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us to prepare for our assembly and to all the mums, dads, family and friends for coming along this morning to see our assembly.

As always, thank you very much for reading our blog post. We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

P1A and Miss Harrison 🙂