P7a weekly blog

Another hectic week in P7a. We continued our research into World War II with a fabulous visit from Maureen Liddell from West Lothian Museum Service. Maureen told the children about WWII through anecdotes and stories of her own mother as an evacuee during WWII. They were able to handle various artefacts and ask questions as we went along.

Here you can see Jack ready for war with his kit-bag and shaving set. Lily has bought her stunning floral dress with her ration coupons.


Below you can see Tom (a submariner), and Frank (worked on aircraft carriers). They came in on Tuesday to talk to us about their experiences of war. It was fascinating to see a video about life on an aircraft carrier and the processes they followed.

In numeracy we worked hard on long multiplication and long division. Lucy came up with a new slogan to help us remember the zero in the units column when multiplying with 2 digits “Be a hero, don’t forget the zero!”.

In literacy we write diary entries imagining we were there during the first air raid of WWII or on the Bismarck or HMS Hood when they were sunk. We also wrote thank you letters to our visitors from last week.

Mrs Gordon is very excited to read all the personal projects she has received, and to receive the others on our first day back !

Happy holidays !

Mrs Gordon and P7a