Walk like an Egyptian ;)

This has been a busy week in P4a. We have been learning about daily life in Ancient Egypt. We learnt that they had many things the same as us. They had beds, but their pillows were hard neck supports made of wood. They had toilets- however they were nothing like ours! Their toilets were stools with bowls underneath filled with sand- think cat litter box 🙂 They had ovens- fired with wood, fridges- well holes in the ground, but they kept food cold and they also baked bread every day.

Once we had learned all of this we looked at pictures to work out what jobs people were doing, we know that we cannot be 100% sure we are correct as no one from Ancient Egypt is still alive, but by looking at the clues in the pictures we can be pretty sure we know what they were doing.

We created a time line of important events from the past, did you know that Ancient Egyptian civilisation started in 7500BCE- that’s a really, really long time ago.

Finally we wrote a diary entry for an Ancient Egyptian child- Mrs Malcolm visited us during this session and we know she liked our writing. Mrs Newton says it was the best we have done all year!

In numeracy we have been finding missing numbers using inverse operations- that means using the opposite method from the one in the sum. We found this tricky but fun.

In music Mrs Bain recorded our Katie Beardie song- once Mrs Newton gets this she will try and share it on dojo.

We also had snow- well it snowed but then vanished before we could get outside.

Have a great weekend,



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