A short, busy week in P5B.

It was lovely to see all the children back this week, after what sounds like a busy and fun long weekend.

Although it was only a short week, we managed to get plenty of learning done.

On Wednesday we were excited to show of our bridges that we had built at home. This was a follow up activity from our visit to the Forth Road Education centre. Mrs Matos was so pleased and proud of all the hard work and thought that was put into building our bridges. We used all the knowledge we had learnt from our visit, to build our bridges. Primary 3 came along to look at our master piece, we spent time talking to Primary 3 , explaining why we chose the design and materials that we did. Primary 3 were so impressed with our work, that word spread around the school, that Primary 2 wanted to come have a look and even Miss Baillie.

img_2388 img_2389 img_2390 img_2391 img_2392 img_2393

In Literacy this week we were learning about the comma, and how important that the comma is used correctly in our writing. To help us remember when to use a comma, we worked with a partner and created a ‘Rules about Commas’ poster. Our poster displayed the 6 comma rules and for each rule we had to write our own sentence using the comma rule correctly. Mrs Matos has displayed some of the poster on the classroom wall, so that we can refer back to the rules, when using commas in our writing.

img_23971 img_2423

We have been continuing to learn different strategies in subtraction. Last week we had learnt the counting on strategy/shopkeepers method, using a number line. But this week we learnt the counting on strategy without using a number. We also learnt one other strategy and that is called the negative way. We are enjoying learning all these different strategies, and we will be able to use the one that we feel is best for us.

We’ve been learning a lot about Scotland and about the people who have made a difference in Scotland, one person we have been researching about is Mary Queen of Scots. Mrs Matos his clues around the classroom, we needed to find the clues and use our note taking skills, to write down as much information as we could. We used the information that we had found on the clues to create a time line of events for  Mary Queen of Scots. Did you know? Mary Queen of Scots was married THREE times!


What more could we possibly learn this week?