Visit to New Lanark- P2/3 and P3

20170202_111414We arrived at New Lanark and found out that the bell in the tower rang at 5am to make sure everyone was up and ready for work at 6am!

20170202_111734We had a look at the Washroom.

20170202_112015The children went into a Victorian room.

20170202_112243We found out what a gazunder was and what you did with it.

20170202_112709Then we visited a room from the 1960’s and looked at the similarities and differences.

20170202_113154There were some interesting suggestions for the carpet beater.

20170202_113448It was interesting to see what was on sale in the shop.

We were transported back in time to the Victorian School Room. The boys had smocks and the girls had dresses with ribbons. We had to sit in rows with the boys on one side and the girls on the other.

We practised our handwriting on slate, using a slate pencil.


We had to identify and point to countries in Europe, with a long pole, on a huge map.


We really enjoyed our trip!