Learning about birds

Over the last few weeks we have been setting up a bird-watching area in nursery. We have left only a small viewing area as we didn’t want the birds to fly away when they saw a sudden movement in nursery. We’ve been putting out bird food daily and have even made food kebabs and bird cake for the birds. They seem to prefer the bird cake which is made from fat, bird-seed, raisins and bread. We have been making marks on our bird identification chart to show the birds visiting our garden. We have already observed lots of wood pigeons and magpies as well as a robin, blue tit and a great tit. At our games table we’ve been playing a bird matching game and this is already helping us to identify some common garden birds. In the art area we have been looking at a bird identification book and using this to help create our own birds. In our construction area, we have even seen a bird hotel being built. We’ve been asking parents and children for ideas on what we would now like to learn about birds and have already received some great ideas. Over the next few weeks we hope to learn about how to build nests, migration, different bird sounds and eggs.