P1B – From making dough to collecting trophies!

Another week has raced by!  At the beginning of the week we had a visit to the school kitchen to make play dough.  It was good fun, following the recipe, checking we had the right ingredients, measuring them out and then the tricky part – mixing it together, it was very sticky!  Our dough is lovely and soft and squidgy and we’ve used it a lot to make our sounds and words.

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As the nights are getting longer, we’ve also been learning about how the earth moves to create night and day.



We’re continuing to look at addition in numeracy, looking at adding three sets of numbers together and are beginning to look at adding larger numbers.

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We completed our study of Jack and the Flumflum Tree on Friday.  When Mrs Kennedy came back from break she had a terrible dose of the moozles, she must have caught them from granny!


Mrs Kennedy also had the sack that granny gave Jack, all the things in the sack helped us to retell the story and put them in the correct order as we sequenced the story too.  We also spoke a little about why Jack says ‘don’t get your knickers in a twist’ and discussed what we can do when we are faced with a problem.

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We also got fantastic news on Friday – we are class of the week for a second time and were also the class who have been the most sensible when walking around the school this week.  We got an extra long breaktime as a reward.

011 012Champions!