P1B – Flumflums and Poppies!

P1B have been on the move this week; using our bodies, getting our hearts pumping and brains working as we learn.  In PE on Monday we used our whole bodies to make all the addition sums for 4.

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Then we played a running game where there were lots of sums around the hall with no answers, when Mrs Kennedy called out an answer we had to run to one of the sums that adds up to the number she called out.  We’re getting really quick at remembering all the different ways to make 2, 3, 4 and 5 and enjoyed racing our friends to find the right sums.

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We have also been doing a lot of word building this week.  We used our bodies again as we put sounds in hoops to make words and said each sound as we jumped in the hoops and read the word at the end.

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The whole school has a book focus this week and next and we’ve been looking at the story of Jack and the Flumflum tree by Julia Donaldson.  Firstly we drew pictures of what we think the Isle of Blowyernose looks like and what we might find if we visited there.  The pictures are amazing and Mrs Kennedy wrote down all our ideas too – she had a lot of writing to do as we had lots of thoughts about what it would look like.  We also studied the words in the book to help us to understand the story better.  Our favourite phrases are ‘don’t get your knickers in a twist!’ and ‘I can’t swim for toffee!’  There are also lots of lovely describing words to explore too – heaved and hauled, gobble and guzzle, nip and gnash, as well as the characters – red-cheeked Rose and stubble-cheeked Stew and poor granny with her terrible doze of moozles!

At assembly on Friday we watched as P5A put on a fantastic performance all about Remembrance Day.  They helped us to understand why we wear poppies at this time of year. After the assembly we really wanted to make our own poppies. Mrs Kennedy gave us some resources and in our usual creative way we made lots of different styles of poppies – they were brilliant!

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P1B and Mrs Kennedy x